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When workers feel like they look their best, they can do their best work. And part of people looking their best requires them getting to make some choices about their appearance. Women know that style is more about just looking good - they choose their presentations carefully in order to enhance their ability to present responsibility, authority and confidence.

While men are generally confined to pants, women have several options for bottoms that can reflect a variety of styles and looks.

  • While men's pants usually come in one variety, women may prefer tighter or looser ankles and cuffs. And women definitely appreciate pants with actual, functional pockets.
  • Shorts may be a good option for outdoor workers who spend their shifts in the sun.
  • Women may prefer skirts of varying lengths. More religious employees seeking to embrace modesty may ask for longer-length skirts, more fashion-savvy women may find a pencil skirt or A-line skirt preferable. We even offer full dresses.

You'll find all those options in professional colors and timeless styles at Sharper Uniforms. We use materials that are durable and comfortable, so that your employees can work hard without feeling limited or constrained by their clothing. When you give women the outfits they want, they will take better care of your customers every time.

No hospitality or restaurant uniform is complete without the right bottoms. At Sharper Uniforms, you can dress your waitstaff professionally in ladies' skirts, ladies' shorts and ladies' pants that pair perfectly with collared shirts and button-downs. If you want a polished staff that makes a good impression, the only place to look for uniform bottoms is our selection of ladies' skirts, pants and shorts. Our women's shorts, pants, and skirts are designed to be both comfortable and flattering. Plus, with so many styles to choose from, you can be sure that everyone on your staff gets the fit and feel that she prefers.

Women's Uniform Pants and Shorts

A good pair of hospitality pants is a must for any employee. We have dozens of uniform pants for women, including ladies' server pants, hotel pants, bellman pants and medical front desk pants. Wear casual restaurant cargo pants to have extra pockets for pens and paper, or get some low-rise tuxedo uniform pants for banquets and high-end nightclubs. If you're working during the summer months, you might consider some women's uniform shorts in flat front, pleated or cargo styles. These professional shorts keep you cool on everything from greeting new hotel guests to gym monitor duty.

Uniform Skirts for Women

A skirt is a sure way to add class and flattering feminine style to an outfit. We have women's uniform skirts for every occasion and every budget. Whether you need side-slit banquet skirts, above-the-knee resort skirts or school uniform skirts, Sharper Uniforms can help. We have microfiber uniform skirts that are incredibly lightweight for long workdays and washable ladies' hotel suits to make laundry day simple.

Premium Women's Hospitality Bottoms

Shop the huge selection of women's restaurant uniforms today at Sharper Uniforms to find the perfect ladies' skirts, ladies' shorts, and ladies' pants for your business. Our pants, skirts, and shorts are made to last with durable fabrics such as cotton, wool and polyester. We have styles to suit any setting plus many offer features that only enhance comfort and performance. Easy fits, pockets and even Capri styles are available for your convenience. Call us to learn more about a specific garment or to get a quote on custom women's hotel uniforms.

All these long pants, short, skirts, and skorts are specifically designed for women, for a great flattering look!

Averill's Sharper Uniforms Offers Uniform Decoration Services:

Custom T Shirts

We offer full service Embroidery, Screen Print and Heat Seal services. Please e-mail your logo, item number, and quantities to us at and we will send you a price quote.

Custom Uniforms:

We can modify any off the shelf gament to your needs or manufacture a complete custom garment. Please let us know your specifications.

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