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Sharper Uniforms carries restaurant aprons with pockets that will help your staff look their best on the job.

An apron serves several important purposes for restaurant staff members. They help protect uniforms from spills, smudges and general wear - even the cleanest kitchen worker will find their apron splattered with grease at the end of a shift, after all. An apron also helps present a more formalized, professional look.

A drawback to an apron, however, is that it might cover existing pockets on an employee's uniform. That's troublesome for employees, who need to have a number of tools or supplies at the ready. Server aprons with pockets are incredibly versatile for your hard-working employees.

Get unbeatable protection and a uniform look by ordering bib aprons with pockets from Sharper Uniforms. Bib aprons are a great way to give restaurant staff a truly professional look quickly and easily while also protecting their clothing against spills and stains.

Our restaurant uniform aprons with pockets start their coverage at the neck and extend as far down as the knee to guard the toughest areas. Each one ties in the back for a customizable fit. These aprons instantly endow an air of culinary professionalism.

Furthermore, they are made of a wrinkle-resistant cotton/polyester blend twill fabric that is durable and soil-resistant. Large pockets in the front add functionality, and most styles can even be customized with your business logo.

Aprons with pockets are helpful to a variety of positions:

  • Bartenders and baristas. Drink making can get messy quickly. Because these employees do their work in front of customers, an apron with pockets is essential for a clean, crisp appearance.
  • Servers. We can't think of a position more in need of pockets. From straws and silverware to pens and order pads, waitstaff members need a stocked utility belt to do their job.
  • Cooks and kitchen assistants. Cleanliness is important for these critical workers. A bib apron with pockets helps them keep kitchen tools close at hand, and also helps keep their uniforms in good condition.

We carry a large selection of wholesale bib aprons for your entire staff, so you'll find the right apron for each person on your payroll no matter what their specific role is. We stock short bib aprons with pockets, three-pocket uniform aprons, center-divided pocket butcher aprons, pencil pocket aprons, scoop neck bib aprons and many other styles. Many sizes are available to choose from, and we also have uniform aprons with pockets for children as well as adults.

Shop at Sharper Uniforms to find the best selection of bib aprons for servers, hosts, bartenders, deli counter workers and any other hospitality staff members. What's more, our high-quality restaurant aprons with pockets are made in the U.S. for quality you can count on. We also offer custom bib apron services where we design a specialty apron or add your establishment's name and logo. Contact us today to learn more about how we can outfit your staff at the right price.

  • Made in the U.S.
  • Wrinkle-resistant twill fabric
  • Durable
  • Soil-resistant
  • Fabric: cotton and polyester blend

We are proud to say our aprons are made in the U.S.!

Many different sizes, styles and colors to choose from!

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