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Ladies Front Desk Uniforms

Ladies Front Desk Uniforms

We have a wide selection of ladies front desk Country Club uniforms. We offer wonderful blouses, shirts, vests, jackets, and pants for every front desk application at your Country Club.
Mens Server Vests

Mens Server Vests

Solid and Patterned Colored mens restaurant vests
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Cocktail Night Club Blouses

High Fashion Night club restaurant blouses
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Mens Shirts

Men's restaurant long and short sleeve shirts
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Men's restaurant durable Server Pants
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Ladies Vests

Solid colored and patterned server vests
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A Range of Country Club Uniforms for All Teams

When it comes to equipping your country club with high-quality uniforms, you'll need a range of different uniform pieces to match the various teams of your staff. From hospitality and kitchen to servers and spa, each country club uniform and piece of country club work attire has different needs that need to be met. At Sharper Uniforms, we offer an unbeatable selection of Country Club uniforms so your team can always represent the best of what your club has to offer.

For over 10 years, Averill's Sharper Uniforms has been an affiliate member of CMAA (Club Manager's Association of America). During that time, we have supported the CMAA through our yearly attendance at the CMAA Club Business Expo events across the country. Averill's Sharper Uniforms outfits both the clubhouse staff and kitchen personnel with professional country club uniforms - from casual to formal. We also help clubs establish their identities by offering high-end embroidery, screen printing and heat seal services.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Employee

Each member of your team has different needs, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions for your team, no matter what role they play in the club:

  • Hospitality staff need to stand out and maintain a professional appearance as they guide your guests and members from one club amenity to the next. Our comfortable uniforms will make it easy to greet everyone with a smile and will make employees easy to identify when a customer needs help.
  • Servers in the dining room and banquet hall often wear formal attire. Sharper Uniforms offers country club server uniforms that range from basic, tried-and-true to high-end fancy formal uniforms. For example, our aprons let them store tickets and payment so their hands stay free. Learn more about Averill's Sharper Uniforms White Glove Decoration Services and discover how you can customize your country club uniforms to your club's specifications.
  • Kitchen staff need cool, easy-to-clean uniforms without excess fabric. Our kitchen uniforms are made with breathable fabric to keep them comfortable through the heat of the rush hours. They are available in moisture-wicking fabrics that stay dry longer and enhance the body's natural cooling ability.
  • Younger staff members are common in the summer months. Many of them may struggle with tying the men's-style tie. We offer a solution to this problem by offering zipper ties. These handy zipper ties are pre-tied with a loop that goes over one's head, and then the pre-tied knot is zipped up for a perfect result, every time. Every tie knot on each clubhouse staff member looks identical and professional. The staff routinely looks great in their country club uniforms and clothing throughout their shifts.
  • If your club has a spa, you can keep your team well-equipped to move freely and stay cozy while pampering your guests. Spa uniforms are made from durable fabric that will look great throughout the working day, blending a professional appearance with clothing that keeps spa staff feeling great as they work with members.
  • Your golf staff can dress in sporty attire that keeps them cool and protects them from the sun for long days outside. Golf club staff uniforms are available in soil resistant fabrics that will keep your team members neat even when they have to fetch balls from the rough.

Fabric and Material That's Easy to Care For

Because of their easy care, many clubs are stocking up on non-iron shirts and wrinkle-resistant fabrics as part of their country club uniforms for staff. The price points on these specialty items have come down significantly in recent years, making them more accessible to many clubs and staff members across the country. You'll be able to find non-iron and wrinkle-resistant shirts available at Sharper Uniforms to keep your staff prepared and always looking their best. Non-iron blouses and shirts are now available in three-quarter sleeve styles. This style offers a fantastic look for the club and its members, too.

In addition to being wrinkle-resistant and non-iron, many of our country club uniforms are soil-resistant or have moisture-wicking fabrics and use easy-to-clean materials. Your staff will look great from the moment they punch in to the moment they punch out. Whether your events are formal or informal, we have the right uniform solution for you at Sharper Uniforms.

Whether you are part of a country club, a city club or an athletic club, Sharper Uniforms has the country club uniform solution for you. We offer a wide range of styles and colors to match the unique image you've curated for your club. We're aware that different jobs require different country club uniforms. You can be confident that we have all of your bases covered. From restaurant uniforms and server uniforms to your housekeeping department, we will have everyone looking sharp, crisp and 100 percent professional every day of the year.

We are proud to support the CMAA as an Affiliate Member

Let us know if you are a member of the VGM Club when you place your order. We offer fellow members an additional five percent discount on their orders.

Averill's Sharper Uniforms Offers Uniform Decoration Services:

Custom T Shirts

We offer full service Embroidery, Screen Print and Heat Seal services. Please e-mail your logo, item number, and quantities to us at and we will send you a price quote.

Custom Uniforms:

We can modify any off the shelf gament to your needs or manufacture a complete custom garment. Please let us know your specifications.

For personal service please call us at 781-790-1244 or e-mail us at