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Keep staff comfortable and food safe with the best chef headgear for sale at Sharper Uniforms.

Chefs' headwear is an important part of a kitchen employee's uniform. Mandatory for keeping hair out of food, a good chef's hat also helps absorb sweat and moisture, keeping workers as cool and comfortable as possible in a high-heat, high-stress environment.

Whether you're looking for a traditional chef hat, beanie, ball cap style chef wear, or vented hats like the Kool Beanie, we have you covered - literally. A hat is an essential component of any kitchen uniform because its primary function is to keep hair out of the way and out of the food. When you choose a chef hat from Sharper Uniforms, you're choosing a product that is stylish, clean, and attractive. Not only are our hats easy on the eyes, they're also designed to achieve the proper level of hygiene in the kitchen, which is an essential function for any establishment. Browse through our selection of chef hats today to find the perfect solution for your culinary team.

Cool Chef Hats

A kitchen hat is just as much a part of your uniform as anything else. Our server and cook hats are fully functional while projecting the image and brand of your eatery, and Sharper Uniforms has chef hats in all sizes. For a more streamlined modern look, consider chef beanies. These simple hats won't get snagged on hanging pots and will look even better with a custom logo. Get a Cool Vent beanie and you'll stay super-cool during the dinner rush.

Visible Kitchens

Is an open kitchen part of your restaurant's style? The right cook hats can enhance your restaurant's theme even more. Chef caps can also bond your kitchen staff, making them feel like part of an important team. We offer a wide variety of styles, enabling you to pick something that ties your presentation together.

Waitstaff Caps and Visors

Your kitchen and house workers can really show off their personality with our alternative chef headwear. Chef baseball caps are the perfect semi-casual apparel for short-order cooks and concession stands. A rustic restaurant or French café is the perfect match for a chef chapeau cap. Function meets urban style in a chef's skull cap that is one of the most comfortable hats you'll ever wear. There are also military chef hats for those working in the mess hall. We even have knit caps for food cart workers and event cooks on cool autumn mornings.

Culinary Hats for Every Uniform

Here at Sharper Uniforms, we're committed to ensuring that your staff looks and feels great, which is why we offer such a large selection of head gear at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a traditional chef's hat or something a little more modern, you'll find the chef headwear you need to get the job done. Our selection of chef wear is designed to be just as comfortable as it is stylish and functional, ensuring that your kitchen staff will love your selection. All of our hats, ball caps and traditional chef hats are vented to ensure comfort even when things heat up in the kitchen. No matter what your kitchen style is, you can find the perfect headgear right here at Sharper Uniforms.

We have you covered in the kitchen! Whether it be the traditional chef touque, beanie, or ball cap style, we can meet your kitchen head gear needs.

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