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Chef pants from Sharper Uniforms will help keep your kitchen workers comfortable and cool while on the job.

Quality chef pants are a must for chefs and other kitchen employees. These culinary artists are working hard around hot stoves, grills and fryers to produce meals that bring customers back to your restaurant regularly. Most restaurant owners get their start working in kitchens, so they know what a good pair of chef pants needs:

  • Tough material that can handle wear. They should resist everything from oil splatters to tears from sharp edges found in some kitchen storage systems.
  • Breathable fabric. Whether they are in front of a hibachi grill or washing dishes, there is no shortage of stations in the kitchen that are surrounded by high temperatures.
  • Plenty of pockets. Chefs need knives, thermometers and more handy.
  • Professional appearance - especially kitchen employees that work in front of customers. You never know if a kitchen employee will need to work a few tables, either.

Finding the right pair of chef pants can be tough. After all, you need those pants to perform under a lot of pressure while keeping your chef cool, all while coordinating with chef's coats and cook shirts. So where can you find a pair of chef pants to complete your chef uniform without sacrificing quality? At Sharper Uniforms, of course!

At Sharper Uniforms, we carry chef pants made from yarn-dyed fabric that are designed to be long-lasting, cool, and comfortable. In baggy, cargo, and utility styles, our chef pants come ready to meet the needs of any chef or kitchen. No matter what style of cuisine you're preparing or the volume of service you need to handle, we know that our chef uniforms can help stand up to the challenge while keeping you looking and feeling your best on the job.

With Sharper Uniforms, you'll have an affordable source for high-quality employee uniforms. Our chef pants stand up to repeated wear and repeated washings - especially the high-temperature washings required to get the stains and smells from kitchen work cleaned. When your kitchen staff look sharp and feel comfortable, they are able to better do their jobs, and that's important for the long-term success of your restaurant.

Outfit your chefs with chef pants and chef uniforms that can stay cool when things heat up in the kitchen.

Our new line of chef pants include pants made from yarn dyed fabric. Most chef pants have the pattern printed on the outside of the pant. Yarn dyed pants are actually sewn with the colored fabric. This results in a longer lasting pant!

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