Housekeeping Uniforms

Ladies Housekeeping Tunics, Shirts, Dresses

Ladies Housekeeping Tunics, Shirts, Dresses

We offer very comfortable ladies housekeeping tunics, shirts, and pants. They are very durable, made from 75/25 Poly/Cotton fabric.
Men's Housekeeping Shirts & Pants

Men's Housekeeping Shirts & Pants

House men shirts and pants come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They are all meant to keep you comfortable and cool during your hard working day!
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High-Quality Housekeeping Uniforms

Housekeeping uniforms from Sharper Uniforms will keep your staff comfortable and looking professional. These uniform pieces come in classic styles and looks while offering benefits that simplify the housekeeping process by helping your employees be more productive while keeping them comfortable and looking professional on the job.

Your housekeeping staff is integral to your hotel operations because you ask them to do hard work. From scrubbing sinks to making beds, from doing laundry to vacuuming floors, they are on the move. By providing your team with the right housekeeping uniforms, you can make sure they feel comfortable, look great and perform their best.

Due to the responsibilities of housekeeping, uniforms need to be designed in a way that distinguishes employees from guests, allows for effective work and provides comfort throughout the day. Our selection of shirts, dresses, tunics and pants will help you put together the perfect housekeeper uniforms for men and women while keeping work in mind. We offer housekeeping shirts that are built to look crisp and presentable without limiting movement, and cleaning uniforms that stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Made with the same attention to detail as high-end workout gear, these house-cleaning outfits are built for performance.

Choose garments with features to support your staff through the demanding workday and present them in a professional style to make a positive impression on guests. By keeping them comfortable, you'll help provide a good work environment that keeps your housekeeping staff satisfied and motivated. With soil-resistant fabric options and machine washability, employees will be able to maintain a clean uniform throughout the week.

What should a housekeeper wear?

A housekeeper should wear easy-care housekeeping uniform separates that visually identify the wearer as housekeeping staff to clients and other staff members. Today's contemporary styles include three-quarters sleeves, zippered shirt fronts, housekeeper uniform tunics and unisex housekeeping staff uniforms.

Housekeeping staff uniforms should be consistent in style so they can be easily identified. Colors can be matching or complementary. Choose custom uniform embroidery or screen printing to further help identify employees as housekeeping staff at your business. By adding a design to the pocket or sleeve and using a unified color scheme, housekeepers will be easy to identify throughout a business.

What should an executive housekeeper wear?

An executive housekeeper uniform should reflect the different responsibilities of a housekeeping management staff position versus the uniform of other housekeeping staff. Executive housekeepers might wear a slightly dressier or more formal-looking housekeeper's uniform with a collar and a more tailored look. You can keep the same colors or choose a different color for your executive housekeeper's uniform. One great way to maintain a consistent look is to add an embroidered logo to the executive housekeeper uniform in the same location as a standard housekeeping uniform. You can also add an embroidered title to the shirt or tunic to differentiate it.

Can housekeepers wear scrubs?

Scrubs, once primarily the uniform of nurses and doctors, have become popular in other professions in recent years, and are available in many colors and styles. Today, they are also popular hospitality industry spa uniform and housekeeping uniform choices. A solid-color housekeeping scrub shirt with pockets is a favorite housekeeper uniform separate for breathability, easy laundering and all-shift-long comfort. Many housekeepers also praise the flexible fit of unisex-style housekeeping scrub pants with handy pockets. Scrubs are a great choice for both male and female housekeeping staff.

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