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Equip your medical employees with high-quality knit cuff lab coats from Sharper Uniforms.

COVID-19 has transformed many aspects of our lives, and that transformative effect has been exponentially stronger on medical and health care professions. A key part of fighting the novel coronavirus deals with cleanliness and disinfection, as the highly contagious virus can be transmitted through droplets.

Workers who are in contact with the virus, whether it's through administering pharyngeal tests, caring for COVID-19 patients or cleaning and disinfecting critical treatment areas, rely on PPE that protects them from getting the virus. A knit cuff lab coat is an essential part of that PPE package.

Sleeves that Grip Without a Slip

At Sharper Uniforms, we've put a focus on quality for all of the uniforms that we offer, and that goes double for these lab coats. The knit cuffs grip comfortably and securely at the wrists so that gloves can be properly worn and keep from disrupting or dislodging any other PPE.

You can choose options that all help equip your workers for safety and efficiency. Choose styles with pockets for storing critical testing equipment or a flat front to keep from getting caught or snagged.

Made to be worn over scrubs, these knit cuff lab coats featuring a variety of fabric blends for comfort, and the gripper snaps keep the coat securely fastened. They are made to be durable, standing up to repeated washings and sanitization procedures.

Keep Them Comfortable

Since 2003, we have been equpping all sorts of businesses for success with long-lasting, comfortable uniforms that make it easy for workers to do their jobs. In the midst of the pandemic, we are asking much more of our health care and medical professionals, having them work harder shifts and longer hours. Let us help you keep them as comfortable and working at their peak with uniform and PPE supplies that have shining reviews.

Protect yourself against germs or spills in one of our Knit Cuff Lab Coats.

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