Rolling Sneeze Guard Partition Dividers

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Rolling sneeze guard partition dividers from Sharper Uniforms help equip your business for safety in the midst of a pandemic.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world as we know it, businesses have had to change how they operate in order to protect the health of customers and employees, plus complying with new laws that help prevent the spread of the disease.

The novel coronavirus is spread in droplet form, which means the wearing and cleaning of masks and social distancing are key strategies in the prevention fight. When social distancing isn't possible, these rolling room dividers enable you to protect both customers and employees from transmitting the highly contagious virus.

See Clearly and Safely with a Plexiglass Room Divider

Made with high-quality polystyrene, these transparent barriers can be fully washed and disinfected. The single panels have no holes in them for maximum security. They are attached to anodized matte silver frames with supporting beams and a wide wheel base for stability. The rollers let you position these dividers exactly where you need them.

Multi-Industry Rolling Dividers

If you're looking for Plexiglass dividers for your restaurant, salon, office, clinic or other workspace, these rolling dividers are exactly what you need. Their flexibility and mobility give them so many uses:

  • Bars and restaurants: Put them up between stools at a bar, or place them stragecially between permanently installed tables to reclaim some of your space.
  • By desks: Place at one end of a desk in a consultation room to keep clients physically separated from sales associates - the crystal clear polystyrene will enable those sales professionals to maintain eye contact.
  • Salons: Move them between chairs to seat more customers as guidelines allow.
  • In front of cash registers: Leave a credit card terminal in an open spot for customer convenience and serve them as usual.

You're likely to think of many more uses for these easy-to-use clear dividers for your unique space. Let Sharper Uniforms help you equip your business for safety and success in these challenging pandemic times.

Light, easy to move, cost effective safety Partition Panels

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