Waitstaff Aprons

Waist Aprons

Waist Aprons

Our most popular type of apron, choose from 20 great colors!
Bistro Aprons

Bistro Aprons

Full and Half Bistro aprons with all types of styles and colors!
Bib Aprons with Pockets

Bib Aprons with Pockets

When working in a restaurant, employees must have functional and well-maintained apparel that helps them do their job and look the part simu…
Bib Aprons No Pockets

Bib Aprons No Pockets

Many styles and colors of Bib Aprons with no pockets.
Averill's Denim Cotton and Canvas Restaurant Apron

Averill's Denim Cotton and Canvas Restaurant Apron

Do we have aprons? Yes in many styles and colors! From the small waist restaurant apron, to your fine dining long bistro apron shop Averill's Sharper Uniforms for all your Waiter and Waitress needs.
Cobbler Aprons

Cobbler Aprons

We have adult and children's cobbler aprons in a selection of 15 great colors!
Restaurant Aprons Best Sellers

Restaurant Aprons Best Sellers

Server Aprons for Restaurants Aprons are a vital component of restaurant operations for many servers, waitresses and waiters across the worl…
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Aprons for servers from Sharper Uniforms equip your employees for success during their shifts.

Aprons are a fundamental part of restaurant and hospitality industry uniforms. Waitstaff aprons perform many essential functions that help your employees do their job and impress customers. Why are aprons important?

  • They help protect uniforms from stains caused by messy jobs. A worker can prepare food with confidence during one part of their shift, then still look presentable for serving later.
  • They keep uniforms in service longer. Aprons are built to be tough and absorbent.
  • They add functionality with extra pockets and storage loops.

At Sharper Uniforms, we have a great selection of aprons for chefs, servers and other members of your team. These garments provide extra pockets for pens and notepads, protect other uniform attire from accidents and give staff a more coordinated look. With the right hospitality apron, your restaurant, café, bakery or pub will make a great impression on visitors before you even take their order.

We make it super-easy to outfit all of your employees with the kitchen apron or serving apron needed to perform their jobs at the highest performance and most professional level possible! From bib chefs aprons with pockets to waist aprons that keep your waitstaff feeling comfortable, Sharper Uniforms is the only place to shop when you need restaurant uniforms and aprons for everyone on your payroll.

The Best Restaurant Staff Aprons

Our chef aprons, waitstaff aprons and kitchen aprons are as long-lasting as they are functional. Each one is made from 65/35 poly/cotton, a blend that is very durable and stands up to rigorous, frequent laundering. Plus, many of our restaurant server aprons and chef's aprons come with features that make daily wear much more comfortable and practical. From extra-long ties to handy pockets, our restaurant aprons and waitstaff aprons come in a wide variety of styles to suit your unique needs.

Did we mention that you can also give us a call for special requests? If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to give us a call! We are available to work with our customers with any request that they may have, such as embroidering their business logo. Sharper Uniforms wants your staff to look exactly the way you envisioned and also be on-brand for your business. Our staff is happy to help with all your apron needs.

Aprons for All Types of Eateries

We offer three primary types of waitstaff restaurant aprons:

  • Waist aprons, which just cover the waist and lower body as the name suggests.
  • Bib aprons, which are made to cover the front of the upper body. Think of the type of apron worn by backyard barbecue enthusiasts.
  • Cobbler aprons, which cover most of the front and back. These are common for bakeries and hospitals.  

All waitstaff aprons and restaurant aprons can come with pockets or no pockets depending on your preference. Our most popular waist apron is our style 100 three-pocket waist apron. Another favorite is the reversible three-pocket waist apron. Our customers love the three-pocket waist apron because, when it gets dirty on one side, the waitstaff server can turn the apron around to the clean side.

Other popular waist aprons are the half apron and full bistro aprons. These aprons have a more elegant look for upscale coffee shops and corner eateries. Both styles come with pockets for added convenience. We also have a line of denim cotton restaurant server aprons. This collection combines function and fashion with styles for everyone from front-of-house staff to bartenders and cooks.

At Sharper Uniforms, there are hundreds of ways to dress your staff for success. Our most popular bib apron is the three-pocket bib apron. Both the waist and bib aprons may be ordered in different sizes. Optional pen pockets are also available, which are incorporated into the main pockets. Another favorite bib apron is the style 200XX Criss-Cross apron, which offers support from straps that circle around your back. This apron style is typically used in industrial situations where the staff is on their feet most of the day. Further, cobbler aprons are also typically used in industrial situations, such as workshop areas and for janitorial staff.

Custom Restaurant Aprons

Custom decorations and personalization of waitstaff aprons are excellent ways to add a professional touch while also building your brand. We offer full embroidery, screen print and heat seal services for aprons. All styles of aprons may be decorated to create an ultra-personalized item that will remind your restaurant customers exactly where they are. When it comes to bib aprons, most customers wish to put a large logo on the front center chest. We typically recommend silk screening for this purpose because it is more economical than the other two services. We also offer a quick turnaround on your custom apron services: once a design is approved, the decoration process is usually two weeks or less. Please visit our Custom Restaurant Uniform Decoration section for more details.

If you prefer a custom restaurant apron in size and pockets, we are happy to make custom aprons in any size and color. Please note that the minimum order for this is 40 aprons.

Don't Wait for Great Uniforms

Shop our kitchen aprons, chefs' aprons and restaurant aprons selections today to find the perfect fit at a great price. We are proud to say our aprons are made in the U.S. in a huge variety of sizes to accommodate all shapes and body types. Need something special? Give us a call toll-free 1-877-284-1761.

We are proud to say our aprons are made in the U.S.

Do we have aprons? Yes in many styles and colors! From the small waist restaurant apron, to your fine dining long bistro apron shop Averill's Sharper Uniforms for all your Waiter and Waitress needs.

Averill's Sharper Uniforms Offers Uniform Decoration Services:

Custom T Shirts

We offer full service Embroidery, Screen Print and Heat Seal services. Please e-mail your logo, item number, and quantities to us at info@sharperuniforms.com and we will send you a price quote.

Custom Uniforms:

We can modify any off the shelf gament to your needs or manufacture a complete custom garment. Please let us know your specifications.

For personal service please call us at 781-790-1244 or e-mail us at info@sharperuniforms.com.