NOTE: Embroidery services require a 24-piece minimum order. There is a one-time charge of $95 to digitize your logo and create a digital embroidery file.

Build your brand with beautifully embroidered uniforms from Sharper Uniforms. Add custom embroidery to a new country club uniform, apron or spa apparel or send in your existing blank uniforms for customization. Whether you want to add an employee's name to a shirt or your company's logo to a hat, our embroidery specialists can create the uniform embroidery you want for less.

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Why Choose Custom Embroidery?

Sharper Uniforms offers multiple ways to add logos, names and other print to a garment. All of them are excellent ways to convey information, help identify staff or team members, increase brand awareness and add flair. So, when is embroidery the way to go? While uniform monogramming isn't always right for a project, there are several situations where it has clear advantages over screen printing or heat seal transfer. The benefits of the classic embroidery stitching technique include:

  • It maintains a cleaner, more professional look on formal workwear.
  • Monogramming creates a three-dimensional appearance that is more visually appealing to certain customers
  • Embroidered designs last longer and can withstand more stress without fading.
  • The technique is better for densely woven fabrics that can't be printed or pressed effectively.
  • Embroidery is generally the least expensive option for small logos, simpler designs and quantities of less than 100 garments.

Custom Logos

If your company has a logo design, we can turn it into custom uniform logo embroidery. Simply fill out the Sharper Uniforms White Glove Logo Decoration Form below and attach your logo as a jpg, tiff, eps or PDF file. We'll turn it into a beautiful embroidered piece of art! If your logo uses specific colors, please include the PMS color number for each color in the logo. Not sure what that is? Ask your graphic artist or marketing department for help. The PMS color number will let us match the thread colors of the embroidery to your logo colors.

We can also pull logos off the internet. Just let us know where we can find your logo on your website and we'll do the rest. There is a one-time charge of $95 for this service to create a digital embroidery file plus $5 on average per garment to create the uniform embroidery. The final cost of the logo is dependent on the complexity and stitch count of the logo. We are happy to send you a no-obligation quote for your complete garment order, including the embroidery.

Text Embroidery

Text embroidery decoration services for uniforms is also available. We can embroider up to three lines of custom text on most types of apparel items. We have several fonts to choose from and the lettering can be done in any color you desire. The cost is $8 for each line of embroidery, but volume discounts are available. Most embroidery services can be completed in 10 to 14 days and a minimum of 12 pieces is required per order.

Complete Uniform Embroidering

If you're looking for a uniform embroidery service near you, the answer is clear - you don't even need to leave your home or workplace to find it. Sharper Uniforms handles the entire process from start to finish and will ship the finished product anywhere in the world. For questions about embroidery services or for help ordering, please email Sharper Uniforms or call 781-790-1244. We will be happy to answer any questions or to help you place your order. Our entire team is committed 110% to customer satisfaction and will work with you to make sure everything about your custom monogrammed uniforms is exactly the way you want it.

For questions about embroidery services or for help ordering, please email Sharper Uniforms or call 781-790-1244. We will be happy to answer any questions or to help you place your order.

Line Embroidery Choices:

Block Upper Case
Block Upper/Lower Case
Ornate Script
Pearl Script
Times Roman

Please e-mail Sharper Uniforms or call (781-790-1244) us with any embroidery or logo questions you may have.

Averill's Sharper Uniforms Offers Uniform Decoration Services:

Custom T Shirts

We offer full service Embroidery, Screen Print and Heat Seal services. Please e-mail your logo, item number, and quantities to us at info@sharperuniforms.com and we will send you a price quote.

Custom Uniforms:

We can modify any off the shelf gament to your needs or manufacture a complete custom garment. Please let us know your specifications.

For personal service please call us at 781-790-1244 or e-mail us at info@sharperuniforms.com.