Zipper Ties: The Perfect Tie for Servers and Staff

Zipper Ties: The Perfect Tie for Servers and Staff

Nov 15th 2021

Flexible, affordable and always professional, zipper ties are the go-to choice for discerning restauranteurs. From wait staff to bus boys, hostesses and more, zipper ties keep your forward-facing staff looking their best without the effort required in wearing a standard tie. From the front, a zipper tie is virtually indistinguishable from any other type of tie. From the back, a hidden zipper is revealed that makes wearing and removing the tie as easy as putting on a pair of socks.

What is a Zipper Tie?

A zipper tie is simply a necktie with a hidden zipper mechanism. They look just like conventional ties, but they are pre-tied with a Windsor knot. In order to get the tie over the head, the neck loop is adjustable and includes a zipper mechanism to quickly tighten or loosen the tie. They can be worn by men or women and once the ties are in place, there's no indication that they're anything other than the real deal.

What Styles do Zipper Ties Come in?

Zipper ties come in all shapes, colors and styles. They're pre-tied, so they're easy to put on and take off. Servers and other customer-facing members of your staff can achieve a professional and uniform appearance by wearing the same color and style of tie. The term zipper tie does not describe the width, color or style of the tie, but rather the zipping mechanism on the neck band that allows the tie to be quickly adjusted and secured.

For business owners, consider changing the color and style of your staff's ties with the season. Choose colorful or fun ties to give your staff's uniforms a playful touch. Looking for something that's more aimless and can be worn all year? Try out a pre-tied navy blue uniform tie or a red zipper tie. Zipper ties are some of the more economical options on the market, so stock up on styles for every season.

Are Zipper Ties Professional?

Zipper ties are one of the few dress accessories that successfully strike the perfect balance between professionalism and convenience. They're ideal for high-end restaurants, grocery store staff and anyone else that is required to wear a tie as part of the corporate dress code. Adding a tie to a uniform instantly upgrades the appearance of the wearer and gives them a professional look. A zipper tie is a great way to get the professional appearance your business needs without the hassle of a traditional necktie.

Why are Zipper Ties Perfect for the Service Industry?

There are dozens of ways a tie can be tied. In the service industry, uniformity is valued, so it's important to have your entire staff look the same. Part of that includes having everyone wear the same color and style of tie. Rather than specifying a knot to be used, a pre-tied tie is a great option. It saves time and ensures that your entire front-of-house looks the same. A zipper tie takes the notion of a pre-tied necktie to the next level, offering a simple solution to make dressing and undressing easier. Zipper ties are perfect for the service industry because they help streamline your staff and will keep everyone looking their best.

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