What is a Blouse?

What is a Blouse?

Nov 15th 2021

Definition of a Blouse and What Blouse is Right for Me

How to Find the Best Work Blouses

Blouses are a staple in many wardrobes. But for those unfamiliar with this style, you might be wondering exactly what makes a blouse different than a standard shirt. In this post, we'll detail exactly what a blouse is, explain where it's most often worn and provide tips for finding a blouse that fits just right.

Blouses 101: What is a Blouse?

A blouse is a type of women's shirt that is considered to have a slightly dressier look than most tops. It's similar to a dress shirt for men but doesn't always have a button-up style. Blouses often have a rounded hem, allowing them to be worn tucked in or left untucked, depending on your preferred style.

Blouse material can range greatly and include options like cotton, chiffon, silk, nylon and polyester. Traditionally, a blouse is less determined by the material and more by the cut and the style of the top. There are a huge variety of shirt silhouettes and styles that can be classified as blouses. However, most dressy or professional-looking tops for women are considered to be blouses.

Blouses at Work

One of the most common applications of blouses is workwear. Many women in professional offices wear blouses to work daily. Blouses are a great choice for professional clothing because they have a more formal appearance while still being comfortable and versatile. While many blouses worn at offices are purchased from clothing stores based on individual style preferences, blouses can also be purchased as a component of an employee outfit and match other employee attire.

In addition to offices and other formal environments, blouses are a popular choice for work settings where workers need to wear uniforms, such as restaurants, hotels and other service industry jobs. These blouses provide a professional and consistent look for female employees and can be easily matched with uniform dress shirts that the male employees may be required to wear. Because they have so many style options, you can also choose a uniform blouse with fashionable accents that leaves a good impression and has some personality (such as this Ruffle Pleat Blouse).

Blouse Sizing and Fit

Blouse sizes may come in standard sizes (small, medium, large, etc.) or in numbered sizes (0, 2, 4, 6, etc.). In both cases, it's important to check the size chart for bust, waist and hip measurements to find the proper fit. The shirt should not feel too tight across the shoulders or bust when trying it on.

Most blouses are either flowy or fitted in style. While a flowy top is most common for dressy occasions outside the office, a fitted blouse is the best choice for professional settings. A fitted blouse style can be achieved through tucking the hem in or by purchasing a blouse that is tailored to be fitted.

Sleeve length is another consideration when choosing a blouse. These ladies' tops can feature full-length sleeve, 3/4-length sleeve, short-sleeve or sleeveless styles.

Tips for Buying Blouses

Ready to buy some blouses of your own? It's important to pay attention to the details when shopping for these women's tops. Here are some of the features to consider when buying blouses for work or dressy outfits:

  • Material: A soft, slight stretchy material such as a cotton/polyester blend can provide the best comfort level when wearing a blouse while still keeping it looking great and professional.
  • Maintenance: Does the blouse need to be dry cleaned or can you wash it at home? Dry clean-only shirts can be much more expensive in the long run. If possible, choose a wrinkle-free blouse that does not require ironing.
  • Neckline: If you're looking for blouses to wear at work, it's best to choose something with a slightly higher neckline to maintain a professional appearance.

Use this guide to make sure you get the best blouses for your needs and personal style. For an extra sharp, professional look and a must-have branding opportunity, trust Sharper Uniforms with custom logo blouses. We can customize your uniform blouses with embroidery, screen printing or heat seal transfer to fit your workplace and brand.