Resort Uniforms: Outfitting your Banquet Staff

Resort Uniforms: Outfitting your Banquet Staff

Nov 15th 2021

If you're running a resort, you know that there are many different facets to the business. We've been going through the main areas of running a resort, and today we're going to talk about banquet servers. Your resort hotel will likely host many events-from casual to formal. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a class reunion, or a fund raiser for kids, your banquet staff needs to be on the ball. With the right banquet staff uniforms from the selection here at Averill's Sharper Uniforms, you'll have a great step in the right direction.

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What makes a good banquet server?

• Your banquet servers should really look the part. You can find the perfect slacks, button-up shirts, and other uniform accessories in our selection. When you run a banquet facility in your resort, you can also have other standards for your banquet servers' appearance. Many establishments have standards for jewelry items, tattoo visibility, and hairstyles. It all depends on the impression you're looking to give your guests.

• In addition to appearance, your banquet staff should be up for the task. Banquet servers will spend the majority of their time on their feet. Be sure that your banquet staff can lift the required food trays or move the necessary furniture.

• Your banquet staff should be kind, courteous, and efficient. These personality traits will turn each event into an affair to remember.

Choose the right banquet uniforms for your resort banquet staff and set the tone right from the start.