Men's Premier Machine Washable Suits

Men's Premier Machine Washable Suits

Nov 15th 2021

Men's Premier Machine Washable Suits

mens hotel single bread suit

One of the paramount cornerstones of any successful hospitality business is appearance. A lot of weight can be given to first impressions, so the way your staff and employees present themselves to members and guests is one of the most important concerns for General Managers and their teams. For men, few things deliver the professional and formal look better than a proper suit. These suits must be at the top of their game day in and day out, but the costs of maintaining them can be astronomical- especially for a hotel, country club or restaurant.

mens machine washable suit in black

Sharper Uniforms delivers the perfect solution: machine washable suits. These stylish suits provide the same fashionable finish with the added durability and convenience of being washable at in-house washers and dryers. Explore the perfect marriage between presentation and convenience with the three levels of available suits at Sharper Uniforms today!

Light Weight Suiting Collections

The summer months are an especially demanding time for your hotel or restaurant staff. The members, guests and temperatures are all increasing so it's important to make sure that your team is equipped with the best possible tools. Sharper Uniforms offers high-quality uniforms that maintain their professional finish through the long and hot service hours to help keep your staff looking sharp so they can focus on the tasks at hand. These light weight suits have been designed with lightweight materials to provide breathability and mobility without making any sacrifices to their fashionable aesthetics.

Without a doubt, these premier machine washable suits are a welcome addition to your staff's wardrobe. The unique design adds comfort that lasts through the long hours while its material lends additional durability that is necessary for future washes. If you're looking for a new line of suits to enhance your team's image, then look no further than these washable suits. And if these benefits weren't enough, the savings from fewer dry cleaning trips will help improve your bottom line.

Custom Embroidery

Like most of the items that are available at Sharper Uniforms, these machine washable suits have been tailored to deliver the highest degree of quality and can be personalized with your custom business logo. Choose from our available customization options, which includes specialized embroidery, screen printing, and heat seal transfers.