Fine Dining Wear & Uniform Guide

Fine Dining Wear & Uniform Guide

Nov 15th 2021

Nearly every workplace has a dress code set by legal requirements for the job, expectations for appearance and other aspects. For fine dining services, this involves formalwear that meets both expectations and comfort for a fast-paced environment. Dress servers, bussers and more in the uniform your clients expect and your staff will love with these expert tips from Sharper Uniforms.

Dress Shirts


While consistency is naturally a key point in any fine dining uniform, there are exceptions in the sense of providing a selection of men's dress shirts and women's dress shirts as opposed to unisex button-down shirts. Formal uniform shirts generally have a sharper look and more comfortable fit when they're designed to suit the gender of the wearer. These also give some seasonality options to change color palettes under the uniform tuxedo jacket for your staff (such as pastel dress shirts in spring, cool colors in winter, etc.). Another option is to change out the ties or scarves of your uniform for the season or occasion instead.

Tuxedo Jackets

There are many kinds of tuxedo jackets to choose from that can be narrowed down depending on the event or reason you need a formal fine dining jacket:


All options have a traditional and professional look that will give you the sleekest appearance for any restaurant work or catering event. These tux jackets are made of 100% polyester or a polycotton blend, both of which are very soft and comfortable for long-term wear.

High-Quality Server Jackets

The server jackets offered by Sharper Uniforms is the perfect style for those who work in the restaurant industry or catering. Your staff will look stylish, professional and sharp in this jacket. It's made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which is what makes it comfortable to wear for a long time on even the most demanding workday. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the premium quality stays intact even through industrial washing.

Busser Jacket Styles

Women and men alike can find a stylish and functionable busser jacket that will last a long time. They are all 100% polyester for durability and comfort, and there is a hidden zipper that makes this jacket more practical and easier to wear. It is recommended that a shirt is worn underneath since it isn't lined. The men's busser jackets are identical to the women's busser jackets for crisp uniformity that is sure to impress.

Formal Uniform Essentials


It's important to look the part and appear professional wherever you go. You want to make a memorable, positive first impression in the workplace, and the restaurant industry is especially fast-paced, rewarding and competitive where the details make all the difference.

When you've found the stylish combination of server jackets, busser jackets or tuxedo jackets with that formal skirt or pants, your team will be sure to leave a good impression with everyone who comes to your restaurant. We even offer custom logo services to help your uniform stand apart. The material of our fine dining wear is long-lasting, soft and ideal for those that work in the restaurant industry.