Cocktail and Night Club Attire

Cocktail and Night Club Attire

Nov 15th 2021

Setting the right tone and atmosphere is the most important step in creating a successful bar or nightclub. An essential part of the atmosphere is the uniforms you choose for your cocktail waitresses. The ideal cocktail waitress uniform is attractive, feminine and functional. Your waitresses should look good and feel comfortable in order to provide the best service to your customers.

Upscale nightclubs demand a higher standard and the ladies' blouses and cocktail blouses from Sharper Uniforms reflect this. Keep your waitresses looking polished and professional in long-sleeved blouses, T-shirts or sleeveless blouses. Each option is available in a wide range of beautiful colors and styles. Details and embellishments such as cap sleeves, ruched midsections, pleating and zippers make every cocktail blouse lovely and unique.

Types of Cocktail Blouses

  • Fitted button down blouses are a classic favorite and come in cotton or satin fabrics and long- and short-sleeved varieties. This classic style keeps your waitresses looking very professional and is great for higher-end establishments.
  • Stretch blouses and T-shirts with a variety of sleeve lengths work well with a more casual atmosphere, but don't think that casual means low-quality. These lovely and durable ladies' blouses will give your waitresses a beautiful silhouette while keeping them comfortable.
  • Sleeveless blouses allow your waitresses to show a little bit more skin and stay cool while maintaining a classy and well put together look. The sleeveless blouses available from Sharper Uniforms are ideal for nightclubs as they feature details that closely resemble nightclub attire.

No matter which type of ladies' cocktail blouse you choose for your cocktail waitresses, the most important thing to remember is consistency. Keep your ladies dressed in similar colors and styles to make them easy for customers to pick out in a crowded club. Order your blouses from Sharper Uniforms to get stylish and flattering fits that make a great addition to your bar or nightclub's atmosphere.