Casino Jobs: The Uniform Makes It!

Casino Jobs: The Uniform Makes It!

Nov 15th 2021

The casino industry offers a wide variety of job opportunities. Each job is important, and it's a great industry to get into. Some jobs require math skills and others require a specific license-but the majority of casino jobs require a customer service orientation with an eye for providing a memorable and entertaining experience for patrons. With the right staff and the right casino uniforms, you can really make an impression.

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The heart of the casino is the gaming staff. Game floor employees execute the card games. Dealers deal cards, shuffle the deck, exchange chips for cash, and figure payouts to winning hands. Floor managers (or "pit bosses") oversee a group of dealers and tables. A state gaming license is required to work the game floor.

Cage cashiers perform credit card transactions, cash checks, transfer chips to the casino floor, and redeem chips. Similarly, the soft count team counts and sorts the contents of the drop boxes where dealers put money when exchanging for chips at the table. Accountants audit food and beverage banks, the cage, and casino tables. These positions also require a state gaming license.

The food and beverage department includes servers, bartenders, cooks, and supplementary personnel (like bar backs, bussers, expediters, and supervisors). Gaming licenses aren't required for these jobs, but some positions might require liquor control licenses.

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