Averill's Tips

AVERILL'S TIPS Washing Garments To increase the life of your staff garments, it is important the washing instructions are followed. It is the law that all garments must have washing instructions on an inside tag of the garment. Typical for 65% poly/35% cotton fabrics, the instructions may say wash in cold water, no bleach, tumble dry, low heat, iron low heat. New garments should be turned inside-out when washing for the first time. Be very careful on 100% poly garments when ironing, only use low iron heat - anything higher, the garment may melt. You may want to put a towel in-between the garment and the iron. When drying, try to take garments out of dryer while they are still damp, and hang dry. Dryer high heat will break down the garments faster than every day wear and tear. ​Customer's tell us that Oxyclean works very well on stubborn stains. We'd love to hear your feedback on your experience with cleaning garments. Uniform Color Selection It is critical that when selecting new uniforms for a concept change or new venue, that great consideration is taken in this process. The biggest mistake made by decision makers is that the new garments are viewed under bright office lights, this should never happen. The garments should always be viewed under the venue's lighting conditions, for day and night hours. The colors will look drastically different under these conditions. We always give this as an example. If you take a swatch of fabric, and look at it, it looks to be a certain color. But if you rip the swatch in half, and look at each piece of the torn fabric, you would swear that each piece is a slightly different color. This is all due to the way light reflects off the swatches. It's funny, light can play tricks on your eyes. Remember when outfitting your new uniforms, "First impressions are everything".

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